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Hello Pilis Trail English informations

Actual in 2021.10.30

In this page, we summarize the most important informations about the Hello Pilis Trail. Please indicate your participation in our Facebook event so everyone can see you run in this trail race.

Race center

Leányfalu, village house (2016 Leányfalu, Móricz Zsigmond út 124). If you type Hello Pilis Trail into Google Route Planner or Waze, you’ll be navigated there.


It will not be possible to park in front of the village house on road 11, because we reserve it for the ambulance, the police, the civil guard and the area is also needed for the starts. Parking is not regular on the opposite MOL well.

Then where? On the Petőfi promenade, which is located on the banks of the Danube with plenty of parking spaces. From here you only have to walk a little to the base. Possibly at the bath, where there will be post-race supplies and thermal baths.

Start package

The start packages will be handed over to you only for a photo ID and a piece of 1000 HUF banknote. This will give you in a pack with your name on it, which will include the start number and the Traxpace chip. It is important that we only accept accurate banknotes and do not exchange money.

The deposit will be refunded at the end of the event if you drop back the chip.

Tracks (right click and save as)

Hello Fellegvár | Hello Pap-rét | Hello Vörös-kő

Pick-up dates

Hello Fellegvár 08: 00-08: 45
Hello Pap-rét 08: 00-09: 45
Hello Vörös-kő 08: 00-10: 45


We had to prepare thoroughly for the three starts due to the conditions of the area. Such a number of passes on Road 11 would be dangerous in a short time, therefore the officials of the Szentendre Police Headquarters are preparing with a traffic stop. The race will start at their signal.

The start will be in front of the Village House, we will clearly mark it.


Hello Fellegvár 09:00 (limit time: 9 hours)
Hello Pap-rét 10:00 (limit time: 7 hours)
Hello Vörös-kő 11:00 (limit time: 4 hours)

Mandatory equipment

Photo ID
Minimum half liter bottle / glass / drinking bag
Callable mobile phone
A headlamp is optional at Hello Felelgvár Trail, but after dark, we cannot let it go in the light of our permits and your safety.

Mandatory equipment is sure to be checked on the podium and stage winners. Their absence results in exclusion. Don’t risk it, because there are in every race that we have to exclude.


The routes mostly follow marked hiking trails, but there are also unmarked segments and populated areas. We apply ribbon, which is red and white, with the Hello logo and inscription. No other tape or ribbon belongs to us, do not follow it.


At the refreshment points you can consume cola, isotonic drink (Squeezy), water, dried fruit, salted rodent, gum sugar, chocolate, fruit, cheese, cucumber and olives.

  • Pilisszentlászló, next to the football field (Hello Citadel, 16.6 km)
  • Visegrád, in front of the former campsite (Hello Citadel, 25.8 km)
  • Pap-rét (Hello Pap Meadow, 5.2 mi / 8.3 km)
  • Nyulas (All distances; 8.2 km – 22.6 km – 40 km)

Remember, it never was, this time we won’t have any glasses, bring your own. It is also part of the mandatory equipment.

Finish area

As a result of negotiations with the Road Manager, the runway will be next to the ruins of the Roman watchtower, behind the MOL well. From here, we will strip the route to the bath, 400 meters away. Yo can eat, drink wine and shower here.

You asked for it, we did it. There were few showers in the Village House, so in agreement with the Thermal Bath, we provide you with a

  • shower and dressing facilities;
  • a spa entrance with thermal pools included in the entry fee;
  • as well as serving your target dish with fine wine.

Don’t leave your swimsuit, slippers and towels at home!

Finisher food

The letter H on your start number indicates if you have requested goulash. Letter Z means if you have vegetable food, while M means gluten/lactoose free. Beef goulash is made without pasta, and other floury things, so it can be eaten by those who are sensitive to food. Of course you can ask for bread. The vegetarian dish covers rice with steamed vegetables and tomato sauce. It’s selectable, so if you don’t ask for tomato sauce, you can avoid it. Of course, those who are sensitive to food can also consume it.

Toast at the finish line

Thanks to the Schieszl Restaurant and Wine House, we offer wine in a glass, similar to the Hello Balaton Trail.


They are with us and they are all waiting to fall into their necks.


In the village house you can buy equipment and upgrades for yourself at the stand at a discount.


You will get the results of the competition on the Traxpace page. Your friends can follow the race live here, so feel free to drop it on your Facebook page or send them the link.

Competition in the competition

Spartacus sprint. From the offer of futócipő, among the participants of the Hello Citadel competition, between Pilisszentlászló and Visegrád, he gives the fastest female and male competitors a gift package.

The wall. Taking into account all the distances between Outer Rabbit and Red Stone, the fastest lady and man will be nominated for the cycling circle of Lake Tisza, dependent on Lake Hiking.

Result announcements

Hello Fellegvár 15:00
Hello Pap-rét 14:00
Hello Vörös-kő 13:00

Expected weather

We will have a lot of sunshine on Saturday as well, rainfall is still not expected. Morning mist and fog can form in several places, which in some places can get stuck in the southwest for a longer time, even in the afternoon. During the day, with the exception of the eastern part of the country, the southeast wind can be strong and in some places strong. The temperature is -3, +5 in the morning and between 13 and 18 degrees in the afternoon. Read more here.

SOS phone


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